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Great pricing, great uptime, great support. Any support query I've submitted has been met with efficiency and accuracy. They get back to you within the hour most times. 100% recommended!

- Brady R.,

I was in the process of upgrading and improving the website I manage, and I had several questions regarding the installation of open-source third-party applications, SSL certificates, and hosting plans in general. The team from SKGOLD was terrific, providing prompt responses to all of my questions. They even updated and rebuilt PHP on their server so I could run specific modules! You cannot match the service from SKGOLD.

- Andrea U.,

I switched to SKGOLD after having a lot of issues with Hostpapa. The difference between the two companies is like night and day. I had nothing but trouble from Hostpapa, which, I will concede, was partly my fault for not knowing anything about Dns. However, as tech support, they weren't helpful in trying to help me resolve my issues. When I asked for a refund, it took Hostpapa almost a week to respond, and then it took another 5 days for the refund to be processed.

SKGOLD, on the other hand, had very good instructions on how to sign up. When I had to contact them for help, they responded very quickly and gave very detailed instructions. I was also told if I couldn't find what I needed, they would make the changes for me.

I chose SKGOLD at first because of the pricing ($1.99 for baby hosting), but I'm going to stay with them for the excellent customer service.

- Monica G.,

Running a web design company, I appreciate an affordable option that has all the features I need for my clients: an up to date cpanel, standard mysql/php support, no arbitrary email account limits, and best of all fantastic customer support. Anytime I've needed to change an account, increase a bandwidth limit, or just have a hypothetical question answered, it's been done within a day. Keep up the good work!

- Robert B.,

I am very much satisfied with the tech support of SKGOLD Hosting. I am new to the whole website building thing and have screwed up a lot trying to get my wordpress based website going (can you imagine? lol). But the staff of SKGOLD Hosting has been very patient and helpful with my dilemma (as I call it). This company is worth your money. They will not let you down and will surely help you all throughout. Unlike any other company who will not give a care if you screw up your website, SKGOLD Hosting always give superb and excellent tech support right away. I recommend SKGOLD Hosting to everyone.

- Cheryl C.,

When searching for a web host, I checked into several local hosts. SKGOLD had the best response time to my inquiries. Good response time, a local presence and the number of options offered in the hosting packages are the main reasons for choosing SKGOLD Hosting. Prior to signing up, I had many questions which were all answered promptly and fully. Thank You SKGOLD!

- Wendy K.,

While I am not an expert, I have found it fairly easy to navigate, find the info I need and set my site up quickly. I also purchased the website builder which made it even easier. On top of that, the folks at SKGOLD have been quick to respond to my inquiries. Thank you!

- Jean-Luc L.,

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